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Batting Partnerships

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1182 Daniel Monro - Pat Broadwood Morphettville Park Cricket ClubSection 61 1 North Haven IV
2144 Neil Tredwell - James Fiebig Plympton Footballers Cricket ClubSection 5 At the Toss of a Coin Cup2 1 South Road II
3188 Bruce Carpenter - Benjamin Kernich Coromandel Cricket ClubSection 9 Hopkins/McGowran Cup3 1 Port Noarlunga III
4165 Bill Likos - Sagar Shah Western Youth Centre Cricket ClubSection 71 1 South Road III
5141 Michael Szczepanik - Antony Baum St George Cricket ClubSection 5 At the Toss of a Coin Cup3 1 South Road II
6141 Scott Rademacher - Matthew Cox Happy Valley Cricket ClubSection 22 1 Morphettville Park
7224 Matthias Bartlett - Simon Uppill Morphett Vale Cricket ClubSection 42 1 Sheidow Park II
868 Tyson Craigie - Brayden Pansini Warradale Cricket ClubSection 84 1 Sheidow Park IV
992 Benjamin Clavell - Raheel Raghib Fitzroy Cricket ClubSection 33 1 Morphettville Park II
10119 Ibrar Ahmad - Abdul Stanikzai Afghan Cricket ClubSection 42 1 Coromandel II

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