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Batting Partnerships

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1261 Ravi Gauri - Russell King Kenilworth Cricket ClubSection 6 Blackwood Sound Cup:3 1 North Haven III
2256 Brad Johansen - Matthew D'Angelo Western Youth Centre Cricket ClubSection 1 Halliday/Heptinstall Cup3 1 Glenelg ANA
3189 Nick Swincer - Jarrad Hester Southern Cricket ClubSection 3 McAvaney Trophies Cup8 1 Mitchell Park
4174 John Daunt - Sam Foster Sheidow Park Cricket ClubSection 9 Hopkins/McGowran Cup8 1 South Road III
5141 Ayaz Hussain - Devendra Rawat Southern Warriors CCSection 7 Larry Collin Century 21 Cup:12 1 St George II
6195 Naeem Chudawala - Casper Britz Kenilworth Cricket ClubSection 6 Blackwood Sound Cup:7 1 Mitchell Park II
7109 Paul Hurst - Harper Ryan Plympton Footballers Cricket ClubSection 9 Hopkins/McGowran Cup9 1 South Road III
8121 Jai Koirala - Mitch Taylor Coromandel Cricket ClubSection 2 ICA Stepney Cup3 1 Belair
9120 Mark Simons - Dylan Johns Morphettville Park Cricket ClubSection 9 Hopkins/McGowran Cup13 1 Cove III
1089 Brian Bates - Merritt Boyd Coromandel Ramblers Cricket ClubSection 8 I Detail Cars Cup:11 1 Coromandel IV

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