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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Mattner, CohenNorth Haven Cricket Club581000
2 Baird, JamesCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1170000
3 Oxlade, JayNorth Haven Cricket Club970001
4 Davidson, MatthewNorth Haven Cricket Club1270010
5 Middlin, BradPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1170000
6 Smith, MatthewCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1270000
7 Hoffrichter, CodyNorth Haven Cricket Club1170000
8 Kanck, BenCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1260001
9 Mackay, HeathKeswick Cricket Club860000
10 Cameron, Ben JSheidow Park Cricket Club1260000
11 Clarke, James EKeswick Cricket Club1160000
12 McCann, JakePlympton Footballers Cricket Club1250000
13 Morey, Trent ECoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club650000
14 Foster, SamSheidow Park Cricket Club1050011
15 Curyer, RussellKeswick Cricket Club1140011
16 Ferris, JonCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1040100
17 Hopkins, Robert CWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1240000
18 Burgess, AnthonyPort Noarlunga Cricket Club1140010
19 Gil, Luke JNorth Haven Cricket Club1240000
20 Potts, MattCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club640000
21 Vontoff, MitchNorth Haven Cricket Club140000
22 Mitchell, TroySheidow Park Cricket Club540010
23 Johns, PaulPlympton Footballers Cricket Club940010
24 McCrea, AaronPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1140000
25 McLaughlin, SeanSheidow Park Cricket Club1130000
26 Vale, DavidKeswick Cricket Club930000
27 Singh, DaljeetKeswick Cricket Club630000
28 Florance, GordonKeswick Cricket Club930000
29 Berry, TimSheidow Park Cricket Club1130001
30 D'Angelo, Matthew JWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club12313000
31 Neal, DanielSheidow Park Cricket Club930000
32 Foster-Borg, Stephen RWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1030010
33 McRae, Steve JKeswick Cricket Club1130000
34 Lawrence, AdamNorth Haven Cricket Club1130000
35 Kilderry, JordanSheidow Park Cricket Club1232020
36 Berry, Adam RWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1130010
37 King, Matthew NWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club930010
38 Buttfield, ChrisWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1230020
39 Button, ReecePort Noarlunga Cricket Club1130000
40 Ray, MattPort Noarlunga Cricket Club1030010
41 Shepherd, Jacob PWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1230000
42 Haussen, JoshCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1120000
43 Lee, Andrew DCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1220000
44 Reeve, NeilPort Noarlunga Cricket Club420000
45 Smith, KingsleyCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club720000
46 Magin, DanielSheidow Park Cricket Club620010
47 Merchant, LukeSheidow Park Cricket Club720000
48 Skinner, JustinPlympton Footballers Cricket Club820000
49 Hinsley, AidenNorth Haven Cricket Club1220021
50 Morris, GregKeswick Cricket Club1120011
51 Smith, MichaelPort Noarlunga Cricket Club620000
52 King, FabianCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club1020000
53 Durrheim, Keagan JSheidow Park Cricket Club220000
54 Siemering, JamesPlympton Footballers Cricket Club920000
55 Steyn, LouisKeswick Cricket Club320000
56 Muralitharan, DarvinWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club710000
57 O'Hagan, CiaranPort Noarlunga Cricket Club710000
58 Elsworthy, Joshua CPlympton Footballers Cricket Club210000
59 Carroll, JasonPort Noarlunga Cricket Club410000
60 Singh, AmanpalKeswick Cricket Club610000
61 Work, Nicholas JCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club610010
62 Ross, JarradPort Noarlunga Cricket Club710000
63 Sladden, DanielPort Noarlunga Cricket Club711000
64 Germein, ClarrieCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club410000
65 Kumar, VarunWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club310000
66 Egan, RyanNorth Haven Cricket Club510000
67 Reciszen, TroyNorth Haven Cricket Club110000
68 Zammit, Rhys JPort Noarlunga Cricket Club917000
69 Wagner, MatthewKeswick Cricket Club110000
70 Johansen, BradWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club810000
71 Shephard, Josh WWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club1210000
72 Goonasagaran, KeithanWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club110000
73 Harris, LiamKeswick Cricket Club610000
74 Brown, Alex JSheidow Park Cricket Club110000
75 Curyer, Scott MKeswick Cricket Club1115200
76 Grove, Trent MWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club810000
77 Bastian, JackNorth Haven Cricket Club810000
78 Potts, TerryWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club610000
79 Davenport, SamCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club610000
80 Bennie, MitchellPort Noarlunga Cricket Club411001
81 Brame, BradleyNorth Haven Cricket Club1210000
82 Moore, Ross DPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1210000
83 Smith, AlexWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club310000
84 Lennard, DamienNorth Haven Cricket Club1010000
85 Stock, Wayne DPort Noarlunga Cricket Club510000
86 Perera, KevinKeswick Cricket Club410000
87 Finch, JakeNorth Haven Cricket Club510000
88 Nichols, SimonPort Noarlunga Cricket Club800000
89 McKinley, KurtKeswick Cricket Club400000
90 Morris, SimonKeswick Cricket Club100000
91 Naismith, SimonPlympton Footballers Cricket Club900000
92 WILLIAMS Jnr, RYANNorth Haven Cricket Club100000
93 Harvey, DavidSheidow Park Cricket Club1000000
94 Ravenscroft, LucasSheidow Park Cricket Club100000
95 Visser, ShaunWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club300000
96 Ford, CoreyNorth Haven Cricket Club300010
97 Catanzariti, NicSheidow Park Cricket Club100000
98 Wild, KarlWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club100000
99 Hammond, EthanCove Cricket Club200000
100 Kovac, John ECove Cricket Club1000000
101 Dean, MichaelCove Cricket Club900000
102 Ford, Steven JSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
103 Griffiths, AaronSheidow Park Cricket Club100000
104 Browne, NathanSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
105 Davidson, shaunNorth Haven Cricket Club300000
106 Slack, JoshuaPlympton Footballers Cricket Club800000
107 Nicolai, SamKeswick Cricket Club100000
108 Dietmayer, JasperSheidow Park Cricket Club100000
109 Hocking, AdamNorth Haven Cricket Club100000
110 Webster, NickPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1208000
111 Sloan, MatthewCove Cricket Club1000000
112 Edwards, CraigSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
113 Finlay, ThomasPort Noarlunga Cricket Club100000
114 Oxlade, KyleNorth Haven Cricket Club12014000
115 Mitchell, KyleCove Cricket Club300000
116 Harding, GarrySheidow Park Cricket Club200000
117 arnold-janz, DanPort Noarlunga Cricket Club100000
118 Richardson, BradleyCove Cricket Club200000
119 Elsworthy, Clay DPlympton Footballers Cricket Club100000
120 Veide, JakePort Noarlunga Cricket Club300000
121 Kinnear, Brett MCove Cricket Club800000
122 Wood, KailinPort Noarlunga Cricket Club100000
123 Peterson, AaronPort Noarlunga Cricket Club200000
124 Catsiavas, GeorgePlympton Footballers Cricket Club900000
125 Smith, TysonCove Cricket Club100000
126 Perera, UjithKeswick Cricket Club300000
127 JOHNSON, Jake BSheidow Park Cricket Club700000
128 Ormsby, RossKeswick Cricket Club100000
129 Williamson, BradKeswick Cricket Club200000
130 Pomeroy, BrockPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1000000
131 Thomas, DarrenCove Cricket Club000000
132 Houston, ScottPort Noarlunga Cricket Club200000
133 Brown, Matthew GSheidow Park Cricket Club100000
134 Treloar, MatthewPort Noarlunga Cricket Club500000
135 Perera, KavindraKeswick Cricket Club501000
136 Morrison, DavidSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
137 Pritchard, Gregory JPlympton Footballers Cricket Club1200000
138 Hanson, Leon FPort Noarlunga Cricket Club500000
139 Thomas, MichaelCove Cricket Club1000000
140 Whenan, Kyle DWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club300000
141 Hughes, Tyson PCove Cricket Club1000000
142 Benson, JarradCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club400000
143 Dean, KyeCove Cricket Club900000
144 Penrose, BradSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
145 Juric, ZacCove Cricket Club600000
146 Robshaw, James PPort Noarlunga Cricket Club1100000
147 Willson, Blake MCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club12012000
148 Bunting, DanielWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club100000
149 Verco, SteveKeswick Cricket Club100000
150 Harding, BlakeSheidow Park Cricket Club11013310
151 Rosie, GlenCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club200000
152 Ats, StuartKeswick Cricket Club200000
153 Handke, JacobCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club100000
154 Greener, PhilCove Cricket Club100000
155 Krasevskis, GaryCove Cricket Club300000
156 Pinch, AdamCove Cricket Club300000
157 Lloyd, MathewWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club100000
158 Potts, Alan WWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club102100
159 Coretti, CraigKeswick Cricket Club100000
160 Browne, TonySheidow Park Cricket Club100000
161 O'Connor, AdamCove Cricket Club1000000
162 Titterton, SamCove Cricket Club800000
163 Walters, ThomasSheidow Park Cricket Club300000
164 D'Sena, MatthewWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club100000
165 Allen, AndrewPort Noarlunga Cricket Club200000
166 Oko, CalumPlympton Footballers Cricket Club100000
167 Harwood, MatthewCove Cricket Club100000
168 Sharman, LachlanCove Cricket Club1000000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.