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Match Format 

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1 Ferris, JonCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club450000
2 Foster-Borg, Stephen RWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club340000
3 McRae, Steve JKeswick Cricket Club330000
4 Harvey, DavidSheidow Park Cricket Club430001
5 Smith, KingsleyCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club430000
6 Saunders, FabianCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club420000
7 Baird, JamesCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club320000
8 Harding, BlakeSheidow Park Cricket Club423100
9 Mitchell, TroySheidow Park Cricket Club320000
10 Lee, Andrew DCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club420000
11 Hopkins, Robert CWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club420000
12 Neal, DanielSheidow Park Cricket Club420000
13 Davis, Owen JKeswick Cricket Club420000
14 Curyer, RussellKeswick Cricket Club410000
15 Haussen, JoshCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club410000
16 Harsh, JoshiKeswick Cricket Club310000
17 Kinnear, Brett MCove Cricket Club410000
18 Magin, DanielSheidow Park Cricket Club410000
19 Johansen, BradWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club410000
20 Shephard, Josh WWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club410000
21 Potts, MattCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club310000
22 Hein, TysonICC Sharks Cricket Club110000
23 Rosman, JoshCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club310000
24 Morrison, DavidSheidow Park Cricket Club210000
25 Hanson, Leon FPort Noarlunga Cricket Club410000
26 Thomas, MichaelCove Cricket Club410000
27 Clements, KeithSheidow Park Cricket Club110000
28 Cruise, Nick RKeswick Cricket Club410000
29 Durrheim, Keagan JSheidow Park Cricket Club110000
30 Broadbent, AdamICC Sharks Cricket Club411000
31 Saggu, Hardeep SKeswick Cricket Club110000
32 King, Matthew NWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club410000
33 Button, ReecePort Noarlunga Cricket Club410000
34 Shepherd, Jacob PWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club310000
35 Sampson, DavidICC Sharks Cricket Club411000
36 Titterton, SamCove Cricket Club310000
37 Riddle, TrentICC Sharks Cricket Club410000
38 Walters, ThomasSheidow Park Cricket Club310000
39 Ferguson, LachlanICC Sharks Cricket Club410000
40 Work, Nicholas JCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club410000
41 Edwards, CraigSheidow Park Cricket Club410001
42 Lock, ConnorICC Sharks Cricket Club410000
43 Rowe, GlennICC Sharks Cricket Club410000
44 Kovac, John ECove Cricket Club300000
45 Dean, MichaelCove Cricket Club100000
46 Mikic, DanielWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club400000
47 Florance, GordonKeswick Cricket Club100000
48 Carroll, JasonPort Noarlunga Cricket Club400000
49 McCreery, JakeCove Cricket Club300000
50 Berry, TimSheidow Park Cricket Club200000
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Total Records: 125   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.