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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Coe, Adam WWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club657.30
2 Beckett, LainPort Noarlunga Cricket Club656.30
3 Bonnet, JamieGlenelg ANA Cricket Club447.30
4 Hopkins, Robert CWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club639.10
5 Kreig, DanielGlenelg ANA Cricket Club637.50
6 Curyer, RussellKeswick Cricket Club637.10
7 Moore, Ross DPlympton Footballers Cricket Club636.70
8 Ferris, JonCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club635.90
9 Johansen, BradWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club534.80
10 Thomas, MichaelCove Cricket Club633.50
11 Hughes, Tyson PCove Cricket Club632.30
12 King, MWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club631.10
13 Craig, Jamie DGlenelg ANA Cricket Club530.30
14 Buttfield, ChrisWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club529.60
15 Ledgard, MichaelICC Sharks Cricket Club628.30
16 Singh, GurkaranpreetGlenelg ANA Cricket Club628.30
17 Sloan, MatthewCove Cricket Club528.10
18 Ferguson, LachlanICC Sharks Cricket Club626.90
19 Joshi, HarshKeswick Cricket Club625.60
20 Handke, JacobCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club625.20
21 McCrea, AaronPlympton Footballers Cricket Club625.10
22 McRae, SteveKeswick Cricket Club624.70
23 Clarke, JamesKeswick Cricket Club524.00
24 Carroll, JasonPort Noarlunga Cricket Club522.10
25 Haussen, JoshCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club422.00
26 Davis, Deakin KKeswick Cricket Club621.60
27 Singh, DaljeetKeswick Cricket Club619.90
28 Quintel, RobertGlenelg ANA Cricket Club518.90
29 Lock, ConnorICC Sharks Cricket Club618.50
30 Sladden, DanielPort Noarlunga Cricket Club618.50
31 Kinnear, Brett MCove Cricket Club617.90
32 Potts, TerryWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club517.90
33 Foster, RickICC Sharks Cricket Club617.60
34 Fernando, MahenGlenelg ANA Cricket Club617.40
35 Draper, DanielICC Sharks Cricket Club617.20
36 Work, Nicholas JCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club516.20
37 McCann, JakePlympton Footballers Cricket Club615.90
38 Cruise, NickKeswick Cricket Club615.60
39 Maier, Benjamin JWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club515.60
40 Pomeroy, BrockPlympton Footballers Cricket Club515.50
41 Curyer, ScottKeswick Cricket Club614.30
42 Bennie, MitchellPort Noarlunga Cricket Club414.20
43 Butler-Chaseling, Jay JCove Cricket Club113.50
44 Skinner, JustinPlympton Footballers Cricket Club613.30
45 Smith, KingsleyCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club613.10
46 Kovac, John ECove Cricket Club512.80
47 Fuss, MatthewPlympton Footballers Cricket Club512.50
48 Foster-Borg, Stephen RWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club512.50
49 Lounder, GrahamICC Sharks Cricket Club512.30
50 Battersby, DanielGlenelg ANA Cricket Club612.10
51 Potts, Alan WWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club611.60
52 Kanck, BenCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club511.40
53 Saunders, FabianCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club411.20
54 Claridge, DanielPort Noarlunga Cricket Club511.20
55 Hibberd, LukeCove Cricket Club611.00
56 Moore, CameronGlenelg ANA Cricket Club410.30
57 Sampson, Ashley DICC Sharks Cricket Club69.80
58 Wild, KarlWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club59.70
59 Willson, Blake MCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club49.60
60 Rosman, AndrewGlenelg ANA Cricket Club69.30
61 Pinch, AdamCove Cricket Club69.20
62 Parker, AngusGlenelg ANA Cricket Club49.00
63 Baird, JamesCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club68.50
64 Plenty, JackCove Cricket Club68.40
65 Titterton, SamCove Cricket Club58.20
66 Mackay, HeathKeswick Cricket Club68.00
67 Keast, ShanePort Noarlunga Cricket Club57.80
68 Hammond, EthanCove Cricket Club47.60
69 Smitheman, HarrisonPort Noarlunga Cricket Club67.30
70 Brigmanis, Austin IPlympton Footballers Cricket Club57.10
71 Rosman, JoshCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club46.80
72 Clark, TravisPort Noarlunga Cricket Club56.30
73 Kennedy, ThomasPort Noarlunga Cricket Club46.10
74 Treloar, MatthewCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club36.10
75 Oko, CalumPlympton Footballers Cricket Club45.70
76 Blake, NathanPlympton Footballers Cricket Club25.30
77 Dean, MichaelCove Cricket Club25.00
78 Kirkup, BrendonPlympton Footballers Cricket Club54.90
79 Venning, ZacCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club44.70
80 Pritchard, Gregory JPlympton Footballers Cricket Club54.60
81 Bald, ZacKeswick Cricket Club44.50
82 Fernandez, AlvinGlenelg ANA Cricket Club44.50
83 Jolly, NaylandICC Sharks Cricket Club54.30
84 Lagana, DominicPort Noarlunga Cricket Club44.20
85 Harris, LiamKeswick Cricket Club34.10
86 harrison, markICC Sharks Cricket Club24.00
87 Kumar, MaxGlenelg ANA Cricket Club33.90
88 Rosman, JohnCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club23.90
89 Grove, JarrodWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club23.80
90 Mott, KobePort Noarlunga Cricket Club63.70
91 Kreig, NicGlenelg ANA Cricket Club23.60
92 Spall, JoshuaICC Sharks Cricket Club53.60
93 Still, IainPort Noarlunga Cricket Club43.50
94 Harder, Luke NPlympton Footballers Cricket Club33.30
95 Baird, WilliamCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club23.30
96 Steyn, LouisKeswick Cricket Club43.30
97 Kneebone, TomPort Noarlunga Cricket Club23.20
98 Lock, AngusICC Sharks Cricket Club43.20
99 Dean, KyeCove Cricket Club43.00
100 Kumar, VarunWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club13.00
101 Hein, TysonICC Sharks Cricket Club22.90
102 D'Angelo, Matthew JWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club52.60
103 Visser, ShaunWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club22.30
104 Morey, Trent ECoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club12.30
105 Munro-Ford, SamuelGlenelg ANA Cricket Club42.10
106 Lawless, Andrew DICC Sharks Cricket Club42.10
107 McGregor, ShawnWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club22.00
108 Karunamuni, LashanGlenelg ANA Cricket Club22.00
109 Smith, MatthewCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club41.90
110 Davenport, SamCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club11.70
111 Benson, DaveCoromandel Ramblers Cricket Club21.60
112 Kundi, Jashan PPlympton Footballers Cricket Club21.60
113 Maddigan, JonathonPlympton Footballers Cricket Club11.40
114 Heath, MichaelCove Cricket Club11.30
115 Church, JackKeswick Cricket Club31.20
116 Wilde, RobertPlympton Footballers Cricket Club11.10
117 Hanson, Leon FPort Noarlunga Cricket Club11.00
118 Finn, LiamKeswick Cricket Club11.00
119 Smith, ChrisPort Noarlunga Cricket Club21.00
120 Polkinghorne, MatthewGlenelg ANA Cricket Club11.00
121 Webster, NickPlympton Footballers Cricket Club11.00
122 Connor, MarkICC Sharks Cricket Club10.60
123 Slattery, LukeKeswick Cricket Club10.40
124 Smith, AlexWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club10.40
125 Shah, Shail MPlympton Footballers Cricket Club20.30
126 Sampson, DavidICC Sharks Cricket Club30.20
127 Jackson, RussellPort Noarlunga Cricket Club10.10
128 Butler_Chaseling, MarleyCove Cricket Club10.10
129 Everard, BenPlympton Footballers Cricket Club10.10
130 Shetty, VinodGlenelg ANA Cricket Club10.10
131 Kennedy, DennisPort Noarlunga Cricket Club10.10
132 Starick, JordanCove Cricket Club10.00
133 Harwood, MatthewCove Cricket Club10.00
134 Nielsen, JoshuaWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club20.00
135 Britton, GuiseppePort Noarlunga Cricket Club10.00
136 Vanderhaak, JamesPlympton Footballers Cricket Club10.00
137 Woods, ScottPort Noarlunga Cricket Club10.00
138 Stock, Wayne DPort Noarlunga Cricket Club10.00
139 Whenan, Kyle DWestern Youth Centre Cricket Club10.00
140 Taylor, JoshCove Cricket Club10.00
141 Comer, ShaneCove Cricket Club10.00
142 Hughes, KenCove Cricket Club10.00
143 Ormsby, RossKeswick Cricket Club10.00
144 Lawless, MattKeswick Cricket Club10.00
145 Wheeler, LachlanGlenelg ANA Cricket Club10.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 2.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 2.00 Assisted Runouts 1.00
100s 10.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 5.00
Not outs 1.00